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Photo: Milk Thistle at Red 7 – Free Week 2010

I stopped by Red 7 last week to see another one of my favorite Austin bands, Frantic Clam, who is set to release their brand new EP titled Lolita: Singles next week, which includes the hit song Sasha Grey.  I brought my camera along to try and get some photos of these guys playing, but unfortunately they played on the inside stage under a pathetic single light bulb because, for unknown reasons, the show lights weren’t turned on.  The lighting was so dismal that I didn’t even take my camera out for their set.

However, outside before Frantic Clam played I caught the tail end of Milk Thistle’s set, and they were very good!  I really enjoyed seeing them play, and I hope to catch then live again soon.

I snapped this photo of Milk Thistle’s lead singer (who’s name I am unsure of), and while I think the photo looks fairly good from a photography standpoint, I wish it could be a bit sharper, maybe more in focus.   This is a good example of a live music photo that, in my opinion, is almost there, but not quite professional quality.  The image manages to capture some of the singer’s passion and intensity during this song, but it falls just short of having the focus quality and overall sharpness that I am striving to deliver with my camera work.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

So, what went wrong?  Any pros out there who can give me an idea of how to get this kind of shot in perfect focus?  The image was shot with my 50mm f/1.4 lens, ISO set to 800, aperture at 1.4, shutter speed at 1/125.  I think I managed to get a good amount of light through the lens at that speed, but perhaps my aim was a bit off on the focus?