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Transmedia Startup with Blockchain Hook Raises $1MM in DIY Bitcoin Campaign

Entertainment Company Back to Earth Productions Sets Records with Bitcoin Crowdfund

Albuquerque, April 28​th​, 2017 – ​University of New Mexico student Clay Space raised 750 Bitcoin (over $1 Million at closing) in less than 48 hours to fund a multi-platform storytelling project designed to entertain and engage its audience through film, graphic novels, an alternate reality game (ARG), blog, mobile apps, and other media.

Space pioneered a fresh approach to the traditional crowdfunding model that is a cross between an IndieGoGo-style fund-raising campaign and an Initial Coin Offering, the cryptocurrency version of crowdfunding.

Kevin Schulmeister, co-founder of ShadMeister Productions says, “This could revolutionize the way that films pursue money in the future. A media project funded with cryptocurrency is still very unique, and I think we’ll begin to see a shift towards alternative forms of crowdfunding after this.”

Back to Earth Productions, founded by Space, will produce Interactive Fiction, also known as Transmedia Storytelling. This genre is characterized by the integration of ARGs, short stories, web series, mobile apps, feature films, graphic novels, and other entertainment mediums available at the time. Notable Transmedia Projects include Why So Serious, Year Zero, and I Love Bees.

“The goal of Back to Earth is to entertain a wide audience and to introduce crypto to new people,” says Space. “We believe this project has a little something for everyone because you can enjoy a piece of it, like the web series or mobile game, or become fully engaged in the community on Telegram, in the ARG, and with the mobile app.” The first elements of the story will be told in a graphic novel, which is slated for release in early May.

Back to Earth is the first Transmedia Project to incorporate its own digital token, StarCredits (STRC), which operates on the Ethereum blockchain. STRC will be used to increase engagement in the ARG and mobile app and allow the audience to influence the story. Participants of the crowdfund received StarCredits for their donation, as well as a “Golden Ticket” that remains a bit of a mystery.

I’m just a Texan who was born in California

Texas Waffle

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think of Texas as a physical place that occupies a space in a certain time that no other object can occupy at the same time.  I think of Texas as a state of mind.

First let me just get this off my chest, I’m from California… and I love it here. I mean the live music, for one thing.  Seriously? …love it.

Another thing I really love about Texas is the pride all we Texans can have in it. From the lush swamplands of the east, to the desolate beauty of Big Bend Park, this state has it all. Where else do they make waffles in the shape of the state?  And I claim it all in the name of California.

I mean when my friends in California found out how cheap the property is out here, it was like over!  We just started buying it up…. seriously, like all of it!!

Look, I’ve lived here for nine years, don’t you tell me about Texas, I know Texas.

I moved to the Lonestar State in my mid-20s and theres just something about that old Red River hoss… that just gets in your blood.

God this state is so Awesome.

So on behalf of all Californians, thank you Texas, for your awesome state!