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Invasion of the Hipsters


Hipster Invasion

He walked down soco,
his hands in his pockets
his head turned under the cowboy hat to the wind,
he looked around
and recognized not a face

He went to places he used to go
but it was different
as they streamed by, staring vacantly behind blue blockers and beards, the girls wearing mexican peasant blouses and daisy dukes….

He stopped and looked in a vintage clothing shop
where once there had been a crackhouse
and thought
i used to smoke crack here
than two girls in frye boots walked by
a feathers shopping bag on their arm

Around a corner, finally a familiar face
bob, bob its me ryan
but it wasn’t bob
“whats that?” a man responded with a british accent
it was a stranger with beard and red short shorts
just like how bob used to dress
he stopped and wondered to himself,
where is bob today

Still the stream of hipsters walked by
he ducked in an alley for a quick hit off the schwag roach
trophys is still the same i bet
he ducked into a bar
at least trophys was still the same

Two miserable old drunks in their early 30s hunched over the bar
they used to be in bands, now they had nothing
but honky was playing trophys that night
the men in their early 30s hunched over the bar
not a woman in sight

Back in 2003
this place was rockin

Better Livin’

This work entitled Better Livin' was done by Dani and Antonio. 10"x14" Oil on Canvas, Fall '09.

Considering I’m not much for introductions, my name is Antonio. I’m an Austin artist, like many others in this city. But that’s not bad, it’s quite nice, there are people here that actually kinda speak a language like my own.

I’m mostly a writer and painter, but I also sit alone in my room and make music no one hears but me, or what ever family member or friend happens to hear from the other side of the door, except for my niece, she’ll just walk in and start playing whatever instrument I have in my hands. She’s about to be two and she’s fearless, I hope I helped make her that way. Dani, my niece, is another Austin artist, she’s the one I was talking about, and she also likes to paint too. My sister doesn’t mind, she’s just a neat freak and doesn’t like her daughter to be covered in paint when she’s done painting, but that can’t be helped, color goes everywhere when you paint. Both Dani and I like to annoy my sister so Dani is damn near always covered in paint when she’s done.

In the future I will do my best to get to know other Austin artists and present them here to you. I’ve shown you my niece because she is closest to me. Dani is innocence creating and learning. I am grateful to be her uncle and teacher. It is a delicate process, shaping a mind, but it is also reciprocal. She’s teaching me to be kind. I’ve noticed many, (not all), artists can be cold and dismissive, I included. But maybe I’m growing a little. At least we have a good environment to grow in. This city is going up and getting larger. There’s more design to the skyline and the city’s capacity for learning is incredible. So much innovation takes place here. We need to find and share it.