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The Point of Ecstasis

‘To be outside ones’ self’ is ecstasis. I felt outside myself last night.  I went to a show to see Ume and The Laughing at the Highball.

The Laughing (photographer : Cory Ryan)


The Laughing were really good.  The very precise drums and heavy bass seemed to set the tone for the very rhythmic and melodic songs.  These guys put on a good show and they’re a good  band with a hell of a lot of upside.

I have to add that the PA quality of the venue wasn’t that great.  The vocals, for both bands, were hindered by the equipment, but both made do fairly well.  And the fact that they’re two bands grounded by the music helps, ’cause the instruments sounded fine.

Ume (ooo-may)





Ume, was definitely the highlight of the night.  That whole band is talented and they do put on a hell of a live show. Lauren Larson is something else on

the guitar.  I was basically right in front of her, and every time I opened my eyes, and found myself in it’s body, I noticed me studying her hands to try to learn how the hell she makes those damn good guitar sounds.  Hell, she was probably outside herself too.

Lauren Larson of Ume





It’s nice to find talented peers of mine.  And so close to home.  I can’t wait to see these bands again at SXSW.  I recommend giving them a listen.

I don’t think I explained the point of ecstasis but, it’s really just something realized when you’re outside yourself.

Consciousness here at home.

Phenomenology of Spirit

Since I haven’t been contributing much I’ve decided to add a paper I wrote for a class on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit I took at St. Edwards University, here in gorgeous Austin, TX. I found this paper as a page in a notebook. I don’t know where the original I turned in is, so I’m just typing it out here, editing as I go.

I open with a quote from section 134 of the Phenomenology of Spirit:

“The result…in it, the unity of ‘being for self’ and ‘being for another’ is posited; in other words, the absolute antithesis is posited a self-identical essence…dissolved.”

-So how do I say that simply?


It makes sense that the absolute antithesis would be a self-identical essence. The essence is the concern, (but not quite yet the question). Hegel wants you to know that ‘being for itself’ and ‘being for another’ is the way that consciousness negates a one-sided Notion. It negates the one-sided ‘knowing implicitly.’

Consciousness creates for itself objects to recognize as they are immediate; as objects are first realized. Consciousness knows immediately that some thing is. The object is for the sake of consciousness to become aware of as it is, also being immediate.

(I’m sure that makes sense to some people. I know the quote is too short but I don’t have it here, look it up it’s section 134 from Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. You would probably want to read it all in order to get a better understanding of what I’m saying. But it’s a pain in the ass to read.)

Better Livin’

This work entitled Better Livin' was done by Dani and Antonio. 10"x14" Oil on Canvas, Fall '09.

Considering I’m not much for introductions, my name is Antonio. I’m an Austin artist, like many others in this city. But that’s not bad, it’s quite nice, there are people here that actually kinda speak a language like my own.

I’m mostly a writer and painter, but I also sit alone in my room and make music no one hears but me, or what ever family member or friend happens to hear from the other side of the door, except for my niece, she’ll just walk in and start playing whatever instrument I have in my hands. She’s about to be two and she’s fearless, I hope I helped make her that way. Dani, my niece, is another Austin artist, she’s the one I was talking about, and she also likes to paint too. My sister doesn’t mind, she’s just a neat freak and doesn’t like her daughter to be covered in paint when she’s done painting, but that can’t be helped, color goes everywhere when you paint. Both Dani and I like to annoy my sister so Dani is damn near always covered in paint when she’s done.

In the future I will do my best to get to know other Austin artists and present them here to you. I’ve shown you my niece because she is closest to me. Dani is innocence creating and learning. I am grateful to be her uncle and teacher. It is a delicate process, shaping a mind, but it is also reciprocal. She’s teaching me to be kind. I’ve noticed many, (not all), artists can be cold and dismissive, I included. But maybe I’m growing a little. At least we have a good environment to grow in. This city is going up and getting larger. There’s more design to the skyline and the city’s capacity for learning is incredible. So much innovation takes place here. We need to find and share it.