PHOTOS: Freshmillions at The Parish – Austin Free Week 2010

My final Free Week outing was at The Parish, by far my favorite downtown venue for its incredible sound system and acoustics, the fantastic stage lighting, and the somewhat swanky interior vibe that is comfortable while still feeling just a bit fancy.  Most of all, it’s the sound that brings me back to The Parish over and over again, I just can’t get over how great they can make any band or act sound in that place.

I took some photos at The Parish once a few months ago, before I had even a clue how to capture decent shots of live bands in dark venues, and it was also before they had their state-of-the-art lighting system installed.  I also found myself backstage that night to shoot pictures of the band in while they were hanging out in the green room, which was when I learned about the limitations of portrait photography without flash assistance.  You can see my terrible first attempt at shooting Slowtrain at The Parish here.

Anyway, Freshmillions.  Hadn’t heard of these guys before.  They’re good, really fun show, unique sound, crazy instrumentation.  For this performance they had Bryan Richie of The Sword playing guitar, which was a very cool bonus.  This was my first ever experience shooting a live band with real spotlights, stage fog, and LED effects.  It was harder than I imagined, and while a couple photos came out OK, I still need a lot of practice.  Enjoy the pics!

Mike Fonseca - Freshmillions



Bryan P. Richie - Freshmillions


Bryan P. Richie - Freshmillions

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  1. Mike Antares

    Marshall – I really like these photos. I’m just getting into live act photography and could use some tips on equipment, settings, etc.


  2. Marshall Stokes

    Thanks Mike, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Feel free to email me to discuss photography any time ( or we can even discuss it right here in the comments. Maybe I’ll do a post soon about the gear and lenses I have found to work, too, as it might be helpful to other photographers in Austin.

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