I’m just a Texan who was born in California

Texas Waffle

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think of Texas as a physical place that occupies a space in a certain time that no other object can occupy at the same time.  I think of Texas as a state of mind.

First let me just get this off my chest, I’m from California… and I love it here. I mean the live music, for one thing.  Seriously? …love it.

Another thing I really love about Texas is the pride all we Texans can have in it. From the lush swamplands of the east, to the desolate beauty of Big Bend Park, this state has it all. Where else do they make waffles in the shape of the state?  And I claim it all in the name of California.

I mean when my friends in California found out how cheap the property is out here, it was like over!  We just started buying it up…. seriously, like all of it!!

Look, I’ve lived here for nine years, don’t you tell me about Texas, I know Texas.

I moved to the Lonestar State in my mid-20s and theres just something about that old Red River hoss… that just gets in your blood.

God this state is so Awesome.

So on behalf of all Californians, thank you Texas, for your awesome state!

3 Responses to “I’m just a Texan who was born in California”

  1. sallygirl

    Agreed! I moved to TX when I was only 2 yrs old. There’s something refreshing about people who at least pretend to be friendly, an art long lost by the coastal outskirts.

  2. Choala

    Dude, you are such an effing tool. Like I almost feel sorry for you….you think you kick so much ass, but in truth you are just another whiney little assmunch in a town full of them. Good luck on being a unique and individual snowflake just like everyone else.

  3. slyder

    yeah Choala right on brother!!!!

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