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What You Missed at the Red Eyed Fly Last Night

Noise from 913 at Red Eye Fly

Noise from 913 at Red Eyed Fly

When I agreed to take a trip to the Red Eyed Fly last night to check out my friend Keny’s band I honestly hoped for the best, but prepared myself for the worst.  I was shocked.  These guys are genuinely talented.

Calling themselves Noise from 913, a reference to the practice spot at the Metropolis Apartments in Austin where the band rehearses, band members Keny (front man), Wes (guitar), Conner (bass) and Daniel (drums) are soulful rockers with a fun edge.  They played a quick set of original songs which lead man Keny Smith delivered with raw conviction.  He engaged the small crowd in attendance and performed as if it were packed venue, complete with witty commentary between songs.

I can’t quite put my finger on their sound, but the performance felt very genuine.  The band still loves music and the members seem to have just enough corporate pain and struggle to capture the passion that draws the listener in and conveys a powerful message.  The show ended with a Hendrix cover of Are You Experienced, to which I’m sure Hendrix himself was blazin’ up a fatty and swaying to the beat.  Be sure to catch their next performance March 11th at the Red Eyed Fly.  You won’t be sorry.

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It?

I Kissed A Girl

A moment of clarity came over me recently during an episode of Southpark. It was the Butters’ Bottom Bitch episode this season where Butters is revealed to have never kissed a girl and relentlessly teased about it until he finds a girl on the playground selling kisses for $5. At this point, Cartman, Kyle and Stan proceed to verbally teach Butters how to kiss saying, “When the girl sticks out her tongue, you just kind of lick it, with yours”.

I had to laugh because I think this might actually be the method of accepted instruction for dudes! I thought it was just bad luck that I loved the idea of kissing, but when put into practice, men are often awkward about it. It’s like an amateur wrestling match of the tongues and far too laborious to warrant long passionate kissing sessions.

Then one night, at a bar I was kissed by a really hot chick, completely caught off guard at the time.  I had to analyze it in retrospect because it’s the affliction I’ve suffered with since childhood, analyzing everything to death.  I enjoyed the kiss! Does that mean I’m a lesbian?  What does that say about me psychologically?

Slamming a Beer

What I’ve settled on is this: women are better kissers.  Women are innately more sensuous creatures while men are far more tactical and utilitarian.   Men just want to get to the good part and stops along the way are mentally timed in your heads wondering things like, “How long do I have to kiss her neck until I can grab her boob?” and “If I stop kissing her does that free up or obligate her mouth for and to do other things?”.

For women, kissing is like eating ice cream – just a little at a time and enjoying the taste, texture temperature, moisture of the whole process. For men it’s like beer – slam it quick so we can get to the main course. I don’t have any answers, it’s all just observation but while I could never muster the strength to be a lesbian, (props to you guys for doing it but I could never munch any carpet) I did kiss a girl, and I liked it.

Get Out Old Dan’s Records

Old Dan

Old Dan?

Yeah, he’s got all those great old records in the attic.

Oh Yeah there they are, wow… look at all these, lets go put ’em on.  Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Beatles, these are some great classic records.

Wow, Peter Paul and Mary, let’s put this one on!

I don’t know it looks kinda scratched up… half of these aren’t even in sleeves.  Look this one’s eaten up by rats.

Well Old Dan never did take good care of his records, and he was always drunk when he listened to them.

Oh man was he ever… good times…

Yeah, good times, that Old Dan, he was a real character…

Man heres another… too bad, it would have been worth alot of money…

Let me take a look.  Oh yeah this one’s scratched pretty bad, hold on a second, this isn’t Old Dan’s, this is my record.

Old Dan's Records

Are you sure?

Yeah I remember I loaned this to Old Dan years ago and forgot about it, man I loved this record, I thought I lost it, and Old Dan said he’d returned it to me, jeez!

Oh well, that’s Old Dan…

No way man, this is bullshit, I always took such good care of my records, I think it’s because of Old Dan I stopped loaning out my records in the first place.

Yeah you always were pretty weird about loaning out records.

No fucking way, here’s another one of my records,  I never even loaned him this one, he must have just stolen it form me, what the fuck?

Are you sure?

Yeah, look theres my name on the jacket, I mean come to think of it I never really did know Old Dan very well, everybody always talked about how great he was but nobody really went to his funeral…

Hey don’t talk about the dead like that.

Oh man I can’t believe this, heres another one!!  For fuck’s sake are half these records mine!?  Man, fuck that old drunk!   Lets just get out of here, I didn’t want to listen to Old Dan’s shitty records anyway.

Old Dan's Coffin

When is the Apocalypse going to happen already?


Ready for the Apocalypse

Alright I got my 10 year supply of freeze dried food, I got my guns, I got ammo, I got night vision goggles, I got a shortwave radio, I’ve got a seed bank, I just finished the bunker, got the windmill and solar energy.  Alright I’m ready to go – lets get this apocalypse up and running already.

Seriously I just spent a shitload of money on this new water filtration system and if the world doesn’t end real fucking soon I’m going to look like a total jackass, so whenever your ready apocalypse… ’cause I got the feeling everyone is starting to laugh at me behind my back.

Hey if anybody needs me I’ll be in the bunker trying to figure out this bullet reloader, I mean this little number is going to be a goldmine in the post apocalyptic barter economy.

Shortwave Radio

Hey Honey!  When you get around to it can you give me a mohawk and spraypaint those shoulder pads I’ve been asking you about black, yeah I can’t put the metal studs on until you spraypaint them…thanks Love.

Whats that Love?   Why did I buy a used school bus… well where else am I going to store the barrels of gasoline?

Apocalyptic Gun Stash

Bobby, what are you doing down here?  Shouldn’t you be in the yard practicing with your boomerang?  Whats that, why do you have to learn boomerang?   Young man what are you gonna do if you get seperated from your food cache?   You can’t use a gun, every cannibal gang for 10 miles will hear it!  Well I don’t care if the Mortenson boys don’t have to use boomerangs!  I am your father this is my bunker and I make the rules in here!  Look!  Ned Mortenson is a fucking idiot and his family won’t last a week after the shit goes down!  Now any more lip out of you mister and theres going to be an extra session of bible study tonight.

Jeez, I tell you what, if this apocalypse doesn’t happen soon there’s going to be a mutiny in the old Anderson household.

GOBI at The Parish – Austin Free Week 2010

My final Free Week 2010 photo post.  I already shared some pictures of Gobi playing the Beauty Bar, but I want to share some of my photos from their show at The Parish a few days later.  That was a very fun night, big turnout and lots of energy on the dance floor.  There were a couple other photographers there, including Delicious Noise and another person who I did not recognize.

GOBI, of course, was great, full of energy, pumped to play a show at such a great venue, and as usual they got a crowd of fans dancing immediately.  At one point there were even chicks dancing on the stage with them.  And they played my favorite Gobi song, Dirty Dancing, so I couldn’t be happier about getting to see these guys perform twice in one week.

Anyway, The Parish is pretty great for taking pictures of live performances because they have a nice lighting system with lots of moving spotlights and different colors, and a fog machine that can help create some dramatic images.  It might be a little tough to get those perfect shots, but patience pays off at this venue, and I was able to shoot the entire outing at ISO 800, which makes me very happy.  I threw away probably 100 photos, but those that turned out to be in focus and nicely framed are worth sharing.

Phil Arciniega - GOBI

See the rest of the photos by clicking here…

PHOTOS: Freshmillions at The Parish – Austin Free Week 2010

My final Free Week outing was at The Parish, by far my favorite downtown venue for its incredible sound system and acoustics, the fantastic stage lighting, and the somewhat swanky interior vibe that is comfortable while still feeling just a bit fancy.  Most of all, it’s the sound that brings me back to The Parish over and over again, I just can’t get over how great they can make any band or act sound in that place.

I took some photos at The Parish once a few months ago, before I had even a clue how to capture decent shots of live bands in dark venues, and it was also before they had their state-of-the-art lighting system installed.  I also found myself backstage that night to shoot pictures of the band in while they were hanging out in the green room, which was when I learned about the limitations of portrait photography without flash assistance.  You can see my terrible first attempt at shooting Slowtrain at The Parish here.

Anyway, Freshmillions.  Hadn’t heard of these guys before.  They’re good, really fun show, unique sound, crazy instrumentation.  For this performance they had Bryan Richie of The Sword playing guitar, which was a very cool bonus.  This was my first ever experience shooting a live band with real spotlights, stage fog, and LED effects.  It was harder than I imagined, and while a couple photos came out OK, I still need a lot of practice.  Enjoy the pics!

Mike Fonseca - Freshmillions

4 more photos after the jump!

Spectating My Life

It simply has to be this way
Is something I once heard them say
That’s just the way it has to be
Another often said to me

Don’t ask me why, it’s what I said
Embedded deeply in my head
And do it cause I told you to
Is a familiar line from you

Reprimand is what will be
Should I show curiosity
I must obey and question not
While others dictate what I ought

Haven’t I the right to know
Or must I always blindly go
Am I in charge of all my acts
Or are my wheels confined to tracks

Since everyone knows better still
I’m taught to never trust my will
Oh what a life, it’s all planned out
And they, my input did without

Better Livin’

This work entitled Better Livin' was done by Dani and Antonio. 10"x14" Oil on Canvas, Fall '09.

Considering I’m not much for introductions, my name is Antonio. I’m an Austin artist, like many others in this city. But that’s not bad, it’s quite nice, there are people here that actually kinda speak a language like my own.

I’m mostly a writer and painter, but I also sit alone in my room and make music no one hears but me, or what ever family member or friend happens to hear from the other side of the door, except for my niece, she’ll just walk in and start playing whatever instrument I have in my hands. She’s about to be two and she’s fearless, I hope I helped make her that way. Dani, my niece, is another Austin artist, she’s the one I was talking about, and she also likes to paint too. My sister doesn’t mind, she’s just a neat freak and doesn’t like her daughter to be covered in paint when she’s done painting, but that can’t be helped, color goes everywhere when you paint. Both Dani and I like to annoy my sister so Dani is damn near always covered in paint when she’s done.

In the future I will do my best to get to know other Austin artists and present them here to you. I’ve shown you my niece because she is closest to me. Dani is innocence creating and learning. I am grateful to be her uncle and teacher. It is a delicate process, shaping a mind, but it is also reciprocal. She’s teaching me to be kind. I’ve noticed many, (not all), artists can be cold and dismissive, I included. But maybe I’m growing a little. At least we have a good environment to grow in. This city is going up and getting larger. There’s more design to the skyline and the city’s capacity for learning is incredible. So much innovation takes place here. We need to find and share it.

GO TO THIS: Frantic Clam EP Release Party at Beauty Bar

Local rockers Frantic Clam are finally releasing their long-awaited EP titled Lolita: Singles.  It is a superb record with incredible songs, including the highly acclaimed Sasha Grey which received national attention when it was initially leaked.

The party is going to kick some serious ass.  Here are the details:

  • When: This Thursday (Jan 14, 2010)
  • Where: Beauty Bar, Austin
  • Who’s Playing: FRANTIC CLAM, The Pons, Motel Avivi, Candi and the Strangers, DJ Czech One
  • Drinks: Free Treaty Oak rum after 10pm!

And the best part about this show is that you can get in for only $3 if you RSVP here.  So you get to see a bunch of awesome bands, drink free Treaty Oak rum, and hang out with weirdos like me, Tyler Groover, and Frantic Clam, for only three dollars!  You aren’t going to find a better deal than this on Thursday night!

Monsters of Folk Review 1-1/2 STARS


Monsters of Folk

Let me start by saying I think all these guys suck. I mean I can’t stand to look at their smug prick faces, it just incites rage in me!  Hey everybody look at me I’m Conor Oberst!  I’m so fucking cool I’m a millionaire and selling out festivals and huge clubs and think I’m better than everyone cause I’m in PETA.

Look… I would like nothing better than to see the Monsters of Folk EAT SHIT AND DIE.   I mean seriously?  What the fuck do I care?

Fuck, how come all the magazines and clubs like these guys instead of my band?  C’MON!!

Let me also say I’ve never listened to this album, and I will never listen to it.  I don’t think I could, I think it would actually make me vomit… I really, really do… I mean I am seriously about to fucking lose it here!

Every time I read an article these fucking guys are talking about animal rights!  Seriously?! Fucking ANIMAL RIGHTS??!!  Seriously, like, fucking animal rights.  SERIOUSLY ANIMAL FUCKING RIGHTS?!?   SERIOUSLY!?!

If I were to listen to this album I already know I would hate it.  I mean, I KNOW I would hate it, I mean I just know it would totally suck and make me sick.

I mean these guys suck really, really, really, really bad and I totally hate their guts.

1.5 Stars